Introducing India’s first wearable air purifier

Introducing India’s first wearable air purifier

AirTamer A310- A Personal Air Purifier

India’s air pollution is surely a matter to be worried about. Every new day is leading to increase in air pollutants in one way or the other. People are smoking, driving individual cars, cutting down plants and trees, burning coals and all these activities are adding to the pollution in air around us. India has maximum number of states that are listed under the world’s most polluted cities in the world which is definitely not a good sign. Surely, there are people who are trying their best to improve the air quality but it is not turning out to be sufficient probably because the number of people degrading the air quality is much higher. 

Because of such deadly increase in air pollution in our environment, there is ascend in the number of patients with pulmonary diseases like asthma, sinus, and allergies. The condition of people with air-borne diseases is slowly worsening as the air pollutants they are inhaling are making their condition uncontrollable. There is no way that air pollution is good for anyone in anyway so all of us should struggle to make the air quality good enough for us to breathe safe and healthy. Choosing public transport and carpool over private cars, growing more plants, eating healthy and detoxifying food items, ventilating home and vehicles, etc.  are few activities/habits that we can inculcate in our lives to make it better. Yes, it is true that these methods will bring the change in the environment in their own sweet time but they are very essential to be taken. 

Till these steps are able to bring a change in the environment, we need an immediate protection from air pollution. For that we have few options available in the market like air pollution masks, home air purifiers and personal air purifiers. When we talk about air pollution masks, we think that that’s all we need to protect ourselves as it also fits in our budget but that’s not the case.  Air pollution masks are a good way of protection in areas where there is not much pollution but for India, it is a product that will get ruined in just a couple of weeks and then you will have to buy new one. Hence, in all aspects, these masks are not the best protection from air pollution. Home air purifier is another option that we can opt to save ourselves from breathing in poor air quality. It surely is an effective way to purify air inside home but nobody can actually stay at home all the time and it is obviously not possible to carry a home air purifier with you everywhere. Basically, we are just left with one option and that is personal air purifier.

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personal air purifier

AirTamer is a personal air purifier that works on advanced ionic technology. In this latest technology, millions of negative ions are emitted from the little black brush on the top of the device. These ions upon emission get stick to the pollutants around you and pass their charge onto them. Then those negatively charged particles are attracted to the positively charged surfaces around you, leaving behind a 3-feet sphere of cleaner and healthier air around the head of the user. This air purifier provides the best protection from air pollution when worn around the neck with the provided strap and is kept right above the chest area. 

This air purifier is amazing when it comes to all round protection as it not only protects you from pollution but viruses, dust, cigarette smoke, smog, and allergens as well. So, if you are allergic or hate smoking passively then this will be your favorite air purifier. Unlike regular home air purifiers that filter our air pollution with the help of HEPA filters, this personal air purifier saves you from buying filter replacement as it has no filter. It is highly portable as it is light in weight and its size is smaller than most of the mp3 players. Talking about the power source of the device, you can simply charge it like your Bluetooth speakers with the provided USB cable and after one time charge; you can use it for more 150hours. 

AirTamer is highly portable and hence you can wear it anywhere and everywhere. Metros, buses, cars, airport, park, office, and home are just few of the places where people need protection from viruses and pollution. You can even use it while sleeping by just hanging it near your pillow for a peaceful and safe sleep. This device is highly recommended for people with pulmonary diseases as it would definitely help them control their condition and lessen the risk of triggers/attack. Probably the best thing about this wearable air purifier is that it makes zero noise while working as it has no built-in fan or motor. There is an LED light at the back of the device which turns red when it is in charging mode and green when it is working to purify the air around you. You can also feel the ions being emitted by simply bringing the tiny black brush close to your lips as they will give you a ticklish sensation. 


Remember that we can only advice you of things that you should and shouldn’t do to protect yourself from the deadly air pollution. Rest it is up to you if you want to protect yourself along with your loved ones. AirTamer A310 could be easily bought from GlobalKart, and PayTM mall and is one of the most trusted air purifiers in US. 

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