Best Air Purifiers in India for 2020 under 10,000

Best Air Purifiers in India for 2020 under 10,000

You are not able to realize it right now but slowly your body will alert you of the ill-effects the air pollution has caused. It’s better if you start taking care of yourself from today like buying the best air purifier in India rather than regretting it later. Air pollution is not only harmful for people with breathing problems but even people with healthy body can face adverse effects of breathing in poor quality of air. It is very dangerous for people with Asthma and Sinus to inhale polluted air as it will increase the chances of triggers and attacks. Toxic air is also harmful for elders, children and pregnant women. Hence, they should be protected the most.

The first and foremost step is to make changes in your lifestyle that will help detoxify your body like drinking green tea, herbal tea and avoiding junk food that can further degrade your health. You should also ventilate your house and cars every day so that fresh air comes in. But do it only during noon as the pollution level is minimal during that time. From protection from air pollution avoid wearing masks if you are living in an area with high population. Instead, you should go for air purifiers that can clean even the minute particles like PM 2.5. There are many air purifiers that works amazing and do not even dig a hole in your pocket. Below is the list of best air purifier in India under 10,000

  • AirTamer A310- wearable air purifier


AirTamer is probably the best air purifier in India that you can own as it can be carried anywhere and everywhere. You just need to wear it around your neck and turn it on to protect yourself from air pollution around. It has no HEPA filter that needs to be replaced regularly. Instead, it works on advanced ionic technology in which millions of ions are emitted that push away pollutants along with viruses, allergens and cigarette smoke. This magical device has no in-built fan or motor which makes it a complete silent air purifier. It is rechargeable and one single charge lasts for more than 150hours. This amazing air purifier is available on,, and PayTm Mall.

  • Samsung AX3000 Intensive Triple Purification Portable Room Air Purifier


Samsung Air purifier finds dust and ultrafine particles from every inch of your house and purifiers it effectively with its 3-step purification system. The air purifier also removes odor gases and helps you breathe fresh and clean air. The S-Plasma ionizer in the purifier removes up to 99.7% of the contaminants, bacteria, and viruses along with airborne allergens, like pollen. It covers an area of up to 420 square feet in just a few minutes and works silently without making any noise.  Buy this perfect home air purifier from

  • Invisiclean IC 301 Personal Air Purifier

Invisiclean IC 301 Personal Air Purifier

Invisiclean IC 301 is another personal air purifier that is based on latest and advanced ionic technology. Like AirTamer, you can wear it around your neck and also around your waist with the provided strap. It emits millions of ions that attach themselves to the pollution particles and pass their charge on them. Then the negatively charged particles are easily attracted to the positively charged surfaces around the user. For the maximum protection from air pollution, you can simply turn on the fan. The fan does not make it a completely silent product. This product is available on

  • Honeywell Air Touch A5

Honeywell Air Touch A5

Did you know that the air inside our home is much more polluted than the air outside? Well, Honeywell Air Touch air purifier is one reliable device that can keep you safe from the deadly pollution. It works on basic HEPA filter technology in which filters are used to purify the polluted air. It’s CADR is efficient enough to clean a room of 300sq m in just ten minutes. You can simply wash the filter to get rid of large particles and can keep the filter for a year by using the air purifier only for 8hours a day. You can purchase it from

  • Mi Air Purifier 2S


In India nobody denies the fact that Mi is known for its amazing quality products in affordable prices. The air purifier launched by Mi is the classic example of its product in which you are getting all the qualities of an amazing air purifier without burning your pocket. It works on HEPA technology and uses filters to purify the polluted air. It’s sleek design and amazing looks makes it a classy device for your living room. It has appreciable CADR that is able to clean a room of 400sq m in just a few minutes. Its cylindrical HEPA filter is able to filter even the smallest particles like PM 2.5 and help you and your loved ones breathe clean air. This purifier can also be operated with the app in your phones. Find this amazing air purifier on and flipkart.

  • Dyson TP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier.

Dyson TP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier

This air purifier has a 360 degree vacuum sealed HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter along with activated carbon filter. Dyson uses one of the best technology i.e., air multiplier technology that delivers powerful airflow with over 360 liters per second throughout the entire room.

It is designed with highest precision to remove 99.95% of ultrafine particles, contaminants and allergens. This air purifier can clean medium to large rooms and has a coverage area of up to 600 sq. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled feature makes it easy and automatic feature of the air purifier comes with real-time LCD display and Dyson link app.

  • Sharp Fu-A80E Air Purifier

Sharp Fu-A80E Air Purifier

This high-tech and best air purifier in India supports high-efficiency particulate arrestor in which the dust collection is featured with pre-filter. The clean area delivery rate of Sharp air purifier filter is 600 sq. ft. The ionizer helps in purifying the air by creating negative ions which are emitted in the air. It comes with a smart air quality indicator and updates you for any requirement of filter change.

Sharp air purifier also has the automatic purification mode with rate of 480m3/hr. It is lightweight and portable which makes it super easy to be used inside the home. The plasma cluster ion technology helps in removing any foul smell or infection particles.

  • Airspa HEPA Air Purifier

Airspa HEPA Air Purifier

It works on classic High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) technology and comes with a 5-stage unique filtration system. It has cleaning rate of 180M³/hr which can easily cover the area of up to 350 Sq. ft. in a few minutes. It is suited to be inside a bedroom or a drawing room. Airspa Air Purifier comes with a digital display, easy to use remote-controlled modes and fan adjustment buttons.

In addition to this, there are smart UV sensors that help in neutralizing microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. It  also reduces dust particles and foul smell using its carbon activated filter.

  • Philips AC2882/20 2000 Series Air Purifier

Philips AC2882-20-2000 Series Air Purifier

This Philips- one of the best air purifier in India comes with pre-filter and HEPA filter that filter odour, bacteria or other viruses. It can easily clean a room of area 851 sq. mt. with its air clean delivery rate of 333m 3 /hr. It has silent operation which means that it works without making any noise and has three turbo fan variations. The plastic body of the purifier is scratch-proof and durable. The best thing about the air purifier is that it can also filter out smell of cigarette or formaldehyde as well.

  • Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier

This small size air purifier instantly senses and reports air quality index (AQI) on its LCD screen and bluetooth connected Dyson Link App. It is one of those uncommon air purifiers to come with all these features independently. It has amazing looks that makes it the best air purifier for home. Its smooth flow of air makes the sound non-disturbing to everyone.

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